Synthetic Black Iron Oxide is a inorganic Pigment of fine particle size and great tinctorial strength, Excellent light fastness, resistance to alkali, non-toxic and non-inflammable & produces very attractive shades of variegated colours.

Presently, we manufacture the following grades of Synthetic Brown Iron Oxide: -

  • Synthetic Iron Oxide Black T330

Application -

This product may be used in Flooring Tiles, Cement Colour, Paints, Lime colours, Dry Distemper, Air Drying Enamels, N.C lacquer Paint, Printing Ink, Plastics, Ceramics, Linoleum, Shoe Polish, Vinyl Flooring, Paper coating Chalk & Crayons. Leather etc.

Packing - In 25 kg laminated HDPE bags with inner liner inside.