Flooring Colors

Tata floor colour are highly concentrated dry powder of the finest grade and is suited for use in cement floors. It is light and alkali fast, non-toxic and non-inflammable and produces attractive shade. Floor made of TATA colourwithstand repeated washing with water and can be polished with any floor polishing materials and can also be buffed.  

Salient Features

  • Tata floor colours are ideally suited for cement flooring as they have the best mobility with cement.
  • Light fastness and alkali resistance properties are excellent.
  • Tata floor colours provide a bright shining and smooth floor finish.
  • Tata floor colours are non toxic and non inflammable.
  • Tata floor colours has permanent colour stability and never fade. 


Tata floor colours are highly suitable for colouring cement mosaic floors, tiles, dadoes, plastic works colour wash etc. 

Shades Available

TATA Floor Colours are available in Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue and Pink shades.