Wallplus primer is water based Primer suitable for interior and exterior application for priming of plastered surface.

Surface Preparation:

Scrap the previously painted surface to remove loose or flaking material and paint, dust, grease, dirt or powdery material by thorough brushing. Any previous growth of algae, fungus or moss, chalking etc. needs to be removed using wire brush and cleaning with water. Treat the infected surface with a mild solution of household bleaching powder solution (recommended proportion 2kg to 50 It water), leave it for 24 hours and then wash the surface with clean water. Surface should be clean, dry and free from efflorescence. Bigger cracks should be filled using cement & sand mixture in the ratio of 2:3. Fill the smaller dents with TATA Wall Plus Putty and smooth the surface with sand paper.

Primer Preparation & Application:

Slowly add about 1 volume of clean water to the 1 volume of Wallplus water Primer and mix it thoroughly. Prepare the primer as per the requirement, so that the thinned primer can be used on the same day after preparation. Depending on the type of surface apply one to two coat of primer. Keep an interval of 4-6 hrs. between successive coats. Topcoat should be applied after overnight drying.

Covering Capacity:

Coverage depends very much on the quality of substrate. On smooth non absorbent surfaces it is approx. 8-10sqmt/lt/coat.

Pack Size:

Available in 20 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 4 Ltr & 1 Ltr