Structural Painting

Continuing with the objective of protection against corrosion, we stand for Coatings solutions against corrosion for past 7 years. With our excellent team we comply to the various requirements as given by the customer.

Tata Pigments Limited provides structural painting services for a number of different clients, each with their own unique needs. We have experience painting on a variety of different surfaces, and with a large staff of professional painters, we are prepared to handle a job of any size. We can provide structural painting services that will improve the look of your building. This will have a positive effect on the way your business is viewed by potential clients and customers. It will also improve how your employees feel about their working environment. Structural painting services can make your structure look like new by removing scratches, holes and other blemishes from your interior or exterior structures.

At Tata Pigments Limited, we specialized in painting industrial structures; however, there are a number of other structures we can also paint. We can provide side wall painting to match your ceiling, as a new coat of ceiling paint will stand out against walls that have an older layer of paint. Our trained professionals can paint in and around sensitive equipment without damaging the mechanisms themselves. We also provide painting services for tanks, silos, pipes and other storage structures.

The structural painting services provided by Tata Pigments Limited can create a safer environment by making it easier to see safety railings. We can even help you to create more light by painting your ceiling white. This allows the light from your existing fixtures to reflect off of the ceiling and create a brighter atmosphere.

Structural Painting Solutions Examples