Yellow Oxide

Red Oxide is a highly concentrated dry powder of the finest grade and is ideally suited for use in paints, rubber, paper, polishing rouge, ceramic, linoleum, wall paper, plastic asphalt, cement colours, mosaic tiles and flooring. It is also plays a role in foundry core making and ferrite, which is used by the electronic industries. In fact, Tata Pigments Ltd is the proud to say that,

"The product quality conforms to IS 44:1991 Grade 2. Presently, Red Iron Oxide is manufactured in four particular shades /tones, in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards Colours IS 5: 1994."

It has acquired new customers in retail untapped areas and made an aggressive entry into the retail segment through exclusive retail stores of Tata Steelium CR coils and sheets called 'Steeliumzone.

Tata Steel India has established a stronger foothold in the General Engineering segment with Galvano™ - Galvanised Plain (GP) steel available in Sheet and Coil forms. Galvano™ is a truly Zero spangled product with unmatched surface finish and corrosion resistance properties. Tata ShakteeGalvanised Corrugated (GC) sheets are manufactured using world class technological expertise and are the best choice for anyone looking for a product that will perform year after year.

The grades of cold-rolled steel offered by Tata Steel Europe include advanced high-strength steels, high-strength steels and grades for enamelling and forming. These are used in manufacturing automotive components, construction and building components, domestic appliances, drums and pressure vessels, electrical goods, tubes and sections and several other applications.