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Yellow Oxide

Yellow oxide is a highly concentrated dry powder of the finest grade and is ideally suited
for use in paints, rubber, paper, polishing rouge, ceramic, linoleum, wall paper, plastic asphalt,
cement colours, mosaic tiles and flooring. It is also plays a role in foundry core making and
ferrite, which is used by the electronic industries.


Technical DATA Sheet
Products Grade Volatile Matter % at 100±5˚c Residue on sieve over 325 mesh sieve% Mass Tone Reduce Tone

Oil Abs-


Matter Soluble in water% Sum of soluble chloride and sulphate% Acidity as H2so4% PH of aqueous extract

Total iron as Fe


Ferrous iron%

calcium com


Synthetic Yellow iron oxide Yellow iron oxide <1.0 <0.50 Close match to approved sample Close match to approved sample 40-45 <0.30 <0.10 <0.10 4.5±1 >84 <1.5 <2.25

 *Conforms to Bureau of Indian Standard Specification No. IS 44-1991


In 25 Kg/ 50 Kg laminated HDPE bags with inside lining. 


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