Whistle Blower Policy

1. Clause 25 of the Tata Code of Conduct requires every employee to promptly report to the Management any actual or possible violation of the Code or of an event he / she becomes aware of, that could affect the business or reputation of his / her or any other Tata Company.

2. The Whistle Blower Policy is an effort to ensure and establish an environment where every employee has the opportunity to raise concerns without fear of retribution.

3. Such report / concern can be given to the sectional / departmental or divisional head, or directly to the Ethics Counsellor and they can submitted through e-mail / telephone or by personal meeting.  The report can also be given to the Ethics Counsellor through E-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or any other available channel.  Reports / concern can also be given to the Ethics Counsellor, Tata Steel through e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it / telephone or by personal meeting.

4. Management wishes once again to affirm to all such employees who raise the concern that their reports / concerns will be handled with as much confidentiality as possible and there would be no reprisals / retaliation against the reporting employee.

5. It is also affirmed that disciplinary action will be taken against any superior who retaliates directly or indirectly, or encourages others to do so, against an employee who reports a violation of the Code.

6. In case an employee feels that he / she has been victimized in his / her employment related matters because of his / her reporting about the violation of the Code, he / she can submit a “Grievance” to the Company’s Ethics Counsellor, giving specific details of the concern raised and nature of victimization allegedly suffered by him / her.  All such grievances will be examined by a committee designated as “Whistle Blower Protection Committee” headed by Mr. Dipankar Sengupta, Chairman and comprising of the following:

Mr. Dipankar Sengupta, Chairman,
Mr. V. S. N. Murty, Member,
Mr. Bh. V. S. N. Murty, Ethics Counsellor & Convener.

8. The Committee will meet at regular intervals and examine the grievances on their merits.  The Committee will also conduct necessary investigation of the concern and recommend appropriate action as the case may be.

9. While Management is determined to give appropriate protection to the genuine “Whistle Blower” the employee at the same time are advised to refrain from using this facility for furthering their own personal interest.  If proved, such cases will be referred to the Whistle Blower Protection Committee.

Tata Pigments Limited

Managing Director

Dated: 1st August 2007

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