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TATA Wallplus Putty


Wallplus putty is a white cement based product, best suited for interior and exterior applications.

Directions for Use

The performance of the paint greatly depends on the adequate surface preparation and compliance of the instructions for application as given below:

Preparation of Surface

•    Scrap the previously painted surface by brushing it to remove loose or flaky material and paint, dust, grease, dirt or powdery material.

•    Growth of algae, fungus or moss and chalking should be removed with the use of wire brush and cleaned with water. Treat the infected surface with a mild solution of household bleaching powder (recommended proportion- 2kg to 50 litres of water), and leave it on for 24 hours. Follow it up with washing the surface with clean water. The surface should be clean, dry and free from efflorescence.

•    The bigger cracks should be filled using cement and sand mixture in the ratio of 2:3.

Preparation of Paint

Stir the container well. Mix 30-40% water in the Wallplus Putty and continue stirring for 10 minutes to make a smooth paste. The surface for application should be wet, which would help in easy workability, uniformity in shade, higher coverage and stronger bonding with the surface. It is advisable to prepare smaller quantity of putty, based on the requirement, as it is important that it be used within two hours of it with water.


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