Application (Ecocem)

Procedure of Application 

Clean the wall surface properly, removing all traces of paint particles, flakes of previously painted film, lose material, dust, grease and fungus.

The proportion of water and ECOCEM should be 1:1. It should be mixed thoroughly and it should have a uniform brushable consistency.

The surface should be made wet, using sufficient water, so that while the water is partially absorbed, leaving a damp surface.

The first coat of paint should be followed by curing of the painted surface by spraying water, after 8-10 hours of applying paint and depending upon the atmosperic conditions.

A gap of 24 hours should be maintained between the curing process and second coat, which should be followed by another round of curing.

User Tips

Saline water should be avoided for mixing and curing

Light blue, grey and green shades are susceptible to sunlight and may fade. These shades are therefore, recommended for surfaces, which are not exposed to sunlight.



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